Report: Alex Pietrangelo out due to lower-body issue, not head injury

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The St. Louis Blues are primed to play a crucial Game 2 against the Los Angeles Kings without key defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, but it might not be for the reason most of us assumed.

Many believe that Pietrangelo is dealing with concussion-like symptoms – or at least some other “upper-body injury” – yet that doesn’t seem to be the message from the Blues. Jeremy Rutherford reports that Pietrangelo is missing tonight’s game (which just began on CNBC) because of a lower-body injury instead of those concussion concerns.

Now, that doesn’t mean he isn’t dealing with such symptoms. Also, team injury reports are about as reliable as Alex Ovechkin’s ice time during the playoffs.

Either way, it’s an interesting wrinkle and a worrisome development for St. Louis, who are already behind the Kings 1-0 very early on in Game 2.