Optimism in desert: Coyotes sale on horizon, grocery clerks talking hockey


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – a deal to sell the Coyotes appears imminent.

The Phoenix Business Journal reports that a sale to the group led by former Sharks CEO Greg Jamison could be approved by the NHL and city of Glendale by May 8.

According to PBJ’s sources, Jamison “has brought together the investment money necessary” to buy the club and keep it in Glendale.

If the money’s in place, presumably the next big hurdle will be getting a lease signed that a) gains the approval of city council, and b) isn’t so generous to the Coyotes that it draws the ire of the Goldwater Institute.

Meanwhile, ArizonaSports.com’s Vince Marotta went to the grocery store Sunday and was “floored” when the checkout clerk struck up a conversation about the Coyotes.

I’ve lived in the Valley since 1979 and became involved in this city’s sports media in 1996 – the same year the Coyotes got to town – and this was the first time I can remember a perfect stranger engaging me in a conversation about the Phoenix Coyotes.


It’s starting to feel like Phoenix is becoming a real hockey town.

Depending how you see it, Marotta’s anecdote is either promising or kinda sad. Since we don’t like to rain on parades, we’ll go with promising.

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