The Flyers would like to mark their territory on New Jersey


With each home playoff game, the Flyers have a new orange-colored t-shirt for the fans with a new theme on it and with their relative neighbors the New Jersey Devils in town, Philly wants to protect their turf.

Today’s game shirt, courtesy of the Flyers’ Twitter account, says the Flyers are “marking our territory.” With a flag planted in Pittsburgh and now sites set on New Jersey, this shirt makes you think more of a crude Calvin and Hobbes car window sticker than trying to dominate your next-door neighbors.

It’s not as fun as telling Sidney Crosby they don’t like him either or even having some jam with Peter Laviolette, but somehow this whole thing fits a lot nicer in a series with the Devils. You never think of Philly and New Jersey playing nicely and this shirt certainly hammers that point home with bathroom aplomb.