Brooks Laich is making sure everyone is on the same page


Brooks Laich is a popular guy in Washington for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest things that makes him a virtual folk hero is how he leads by example for the Capitals.’s Chuck Gormley finds out from Laich the Capitals’ effort in Game 1 just didn’t cut it and he’s not about to stand idly by and allow it to stay like that.

“It’s an intense time of year and we’re here to win,” Laich said. “It takes so much to win and every little thing matters. If there are things I think we can be doing better I’m going to find a way to get the most out of our guys. It’s something we’ll address in the room and I don’t really care to share much more than that.”

If you’re looking for perhaps one example of a guy not being intense enough, perhaps Alexander Semin is it. Semin was demoted to the fourth line during today’s practice and should he stay there for Game 2, that’s sending a harsh message at a time of the year when everyone has to be locked in. Semin and others who struggled might want to avoid making eye contact with Laich until tomorrow.