Richards not mad after post-goal cross check: “That’s great. They can do whatever they want.”


Brad Richards’ third period goal helped seal the deal for the Rangers in their Game 1 win over the Capitals. What you may not have noticed is after scoring his goal he was cross checked from behind by a frustrated Brooks Laich. Have a look at the video of the goal again in case you missed it.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

After the game, Katie Strange of ESPN-New York asked Richards if he was upset about getting hit from behind after putting the Rangers ahead for good at 3-1. His answer was interesting if you think about it a certain way.

“Not after a goal. That’s great. They can do whatever they want.”

Whatever they want, eh Brad? Pierre Turgeon would kindly ask you to choose your words more carefully when Dale Hunter is in the house. Richards isn’t talking about anything of that sort happening to him and he’s just happy to help the team… Right? Hmm…