Dennis Wideman believes he’s doing a fine job of defending

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If the Capitals are going to find a way to get past the New York Rangers, they’ll need to be just as defensively sound as they were against the Bruins. One guy who you might believe needs to be better for Washington is Dennis Wideman, just don’t go telling him that.

Wideman tells Stephen Whyno of The Washington Times that he felt great about how he played in the first round and that he’s busy not reading what others think of how he’s doing.

“You’re on the ice, you’re on the ice. I thought I had a pretty good series defensively. I didn’t lose my guy a whole lot and didn’t have any real bad breakdowns where I got beat. I was on the ice for some goals,” Wideman said Friday. “I thought I played well. I was happy with my series.”

Wideman was on the ice for more goals allowed against the Caps than not and he didn’t have a great series. That said, to be able to shut out all the negativity and focus on your game takes a special kind of hardheadedness and Wideman seems to have it. The Caps just hope Wideman can eliminate the boneheaded mistakes on the ice from here on out.