Damage control: Panthers CEO invites young woman to game after attacking her on Twitter


It’s usually not a good idea for a person in a position of power to pick on someone via a public forum like Twitter, even if they didn’t start the fight. That’s the lesson that Florida Panthers CEO Michael Yormark (@PanthersYormark) learned recently after this Twitter exchange:

Well, apparently he was wrong because Lauren Ashley now has 4,542 Twitter followers to his 3,445.

Yormark might have meant for his comment to be playful and you might even argue that he had a right to fire back after her comment, but that’s not really the point. First off, it can be difficult to convey sarcasm or playfulness in a text statement consisting of 140 characters or less. Additionally, people don’t like to see the big guy attacking the little guy, as Yormark apparently learned the hard way.

So with damage control probably on his mind, Yormark invited Lauren Ashley to watch Game 7 of the Panthers’ first round series on Thursday. You can check out an interview of them below:

So there you have it, the controversy has come to it’s conclusion. As a final note, I’d like to reach out to my fellow men and urge them not to call things “Twittergate” because, well, there’s probably already been thousands of those.