Report: Luongo requested trade


A couple of updates on the Roberto Luongo situation in Vancouver.

First off, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos reports that the Canucks didn’t have to ask Luongo to waive his no-trade clause – the goalie asked to be moved during his exit meetings.

Kypreos didn’t specify why a trade was requested. Maybe Luongo wants a fresh start somewhere else. Maybe he wants to move closer to his family. Most likely he wants to move to a team where he’ll be the undisputed number one.

You can’t really blame him for that. Luongo is a starting NHL goalie. If the Canucks feel Cory Schneider is the better option, then that’s the way it is. No sense in sitting on the bench when you could be contributing somewhere else.

Secondly, Canucks general manager Mike Gillis went on Vancouver radio today and commented on the Luongo story.

“We’ve met but we decided we’re going to talk in a few days,” Gillis told TEAM 1040. “We’re going to take a deep breath.”

“I haven’t made up my mind about the goaltending. We need to step back and plan out what we’re going to do with this team.”

Assistant GM Laurence Gilman echoed that message.

“This is an important decision for our organization and the players involved,” he told ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun. “It is not going to be something we discuss publicly throughout the process.”

When a trade actually occurs is anyone’s guess. The draft is June 22 in Pittsburgh. Maybe then.

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