Report: Luongo is indeed making a list and Maple Leafs are on it


TSN’s James Duthie reports what many believed would happen: Roberto Luongo will, indeed, submit a “short list” of teams he’ll waive his no-trade clause to play for by next week. And for anyone in hockey-mad Toronto, here’s the doozy: the Maple Leafs will reportedly be on that short list.

If Luongo wants to go to a market with a little more patience, then being shipped to playoff-desperate Toronto is probably not the wisest move. Yet from a familiarity standpoint, there are some strong points to such a move.

To some of us, it’s pretty amazing to see Luongo shift from the franchise goalie fans seemingly always pined for to the target of largely irrational scapegoating. Surely he’ll get relief from such scrutiny if his new GM is Brian Burke, though, right?

While we wait and wait for the move to potentially happen, feel free to speculate regarding the other potential destinations for Luongo. Bonus points if you say something crazy about Boston.