Dan Cleary’s knee sounds pretty messed up

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Dan Cleary was meant to be one of the Red Wings’ better secondary contributors on offense. After all we’ve seen him score big goals for Detroit and provide the Wings with scoring balance that makes them one of the better teams in the league.

As it turns out, Cleary’s 2011-12 season was marred thanks to some nasty knee problems.

Really nasty.

Brendan Savage of mlive.com brings us the gory details of what kept Cleary from being a 20-goal man again this season.

“Well I’d hate to sprout [sic] off, but I have some significant issues going on,” Cleary said. “They’ll know more when they get in there, you know? There are a lot of different things in there.

“There are some tears in there, loose cartilage, some bone on bone, a lot of fluid – the build-up of fluid was a major issue, so hoping that we can get it resolved.

“I going to get the surgery done and hopefully just rehab it. Just have to go in and have surgery on it then just get on a maintenance program and it will be fine.”

Cleary also noted he had broken ribs in training camp. Somehow he managed to still play in 75 games this season. Can we get this guy a medal or something? Cleary goes in for left knee surgery next week.