Crosby on not playing for Canada: “Typically, I’d be there in a second”


Representing your country must be a great honor, but it’s kind of tough to beat up on any player who decides to rest instead of playing in the World Hockey Championships.

That’s especially true for Sidney Crosby, who a) dealt with a brutal year and a half because of concussion issues and b) scored one of the most memorable goals in the history of Canada’s involvement in international competition. Still, there are some who question his decision, so Crosby addressed those reactions in this Canadian Press story.

“Typically, I’d be there in a second, but this isn’t a normal situation and this isn’t me trying to hide away from the world championships,” Crosby said. “I love playing for Team Canada. Anyone who is questioning that right now obviously doesn’t know me or aren’t thinking right.”

Let’s face it: if any national team can shake off the loss of Crosby, it’s Canada. The generic joke is that the country could often suit up three or more elite international teams, so excessive hand-wringing about Sid the Kid’s absence seems a little silly.