You wouldn’t like Daniel Alfredsson when he’s angry


Daniel Alfredsson isn’t usually a guy you see get overly emotional on the ice. He plays the game hard in a seemingly mild-mannered way.

That wasn’t the case during last night’s Game 6 loss to the Rangers as Alfredsson blew his top on the Senators bench after taking a hit from Rangers forward John Mitchell. Check out Alfie’s carnage thanks to video from The Score.

A couple things to note here:

—- Check out Colin Greening’s reaction to seeing a veteran and leader like Alfredsson blowing his top. Sheer terror.

—- Alfredsson giving the fatherly tap to Greening after finishing his tantrum as if to say, “It’s OK kid, I’m not mad at you. Don’t worry, I’ll take you out for an ice cream afterwards.”

—- It’s been a bad series for Gatorade containers. First Brandon Dubinsky trashing one in Game 2 and then Alfredsson slamming and stomping on his.