Combating rumors: Has Luongo given a list of teams he’d play for?


In the age of Twitter, rumors have a way of picking up steam. When someone, who may or may not be credible, says something that’s believable, you got to at least wonder if it’s true.

This afternoon, a rumor caught on that Roberto Luongo has presented the Vancouver Canucks with a list of four teams he would be willing to be traded to. Given that Luongo has already publicly agreed to waive his no-trade clause, it’s not a farfetched premise. The only problem is that, according to TSN’s James Duthie, the rumor isn’t true.

Welcome, boys and girls, to a preview of what we’re going to experience over the next couple of months. Does your team need a goaltender? Fear not, for Luongo is headed your way!

Just like Rick Nash before him, there will probably be a Luongo rumor associated with any team that has even a slight chance of wanting him. Never mind if the team in question would actually benefit from having him from a cap or long-term perspective.