Quenneville on overtime: “It’s tough on the ticker”

The beauty and agony of playoff overtime hockey is that any innocuous blooper of a shot can go in and end the game (if not the season, if not the playoffs as a whole).  Few simple statements capture the mood quite like Joel Quenneville’s description of how it feels to watch your team go through five straight OT periods, as Chicago has against the Phoenix Coyotes – including tonight’s 2-1 victory.

“It’s tough on the ticker,” Quenneville said.

That’s a funny response, although it is a little unsettling considering the fact that Coach Q dealt with a pretty scary bleeding ulcer last season.

Hopefully Q’s heart is strong because, chances are, there will be some tense moments in Game 6 and (he hopes) Game 7. Perhaps improving upon a 1-for-17 power play would calm his nerves a bit too, though.

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