Yes, at least one Coyotes fan brought a “Free Raffi” sign tonight


Hockey fans are a loyal bunch. If you want proof of that, just note how some Phoenix Coyotes fans are coming out in support of Raffi Torres. Chris Kuc reports that many people cheered when a “Free Raffi” sign popped up on the JumboTron while Mark McClune passes along these rather … interesting cutouts:


(Image via McClune, H/T to YotesGirl)

So, chin up Raffi. Phoenix Coyotes fans are still behind you and the Vancouver Canucks are lending some sympathetic reactions, too.

How do you feel about Yotes fans’ outpouring of love, though? Are they justified? Is it charming or maybe a little nutty? Perhaps all of the above?

Personally, I think the “Free [person]” meme is about to run its course, if it hasn’t already.