Blackhawks stars pleased with Torres’ 25-game suspension


After watching their teammate, Marian Hossa, leave Game 3 on a stretcher because of Raffi Torres’ actions, it’s not surprising that the Blackhawks players are among the biggest supporters of the 25-game suspension.

“A lot of us were shocked; we thought it might be 10 or something. But, good on the NHL,” Patrick Kane said.

Jonathan Toews echoed Kane’s remarks.

“It sends a huge message for guys to smarten up out there – especially during the playoffs,” Toews said.

Naturally, them being supportive of the suspension is not the same as them being happy about the larger situation.

“Maybe a bit of consolation now that justice has been done,” Toews said, “but Hossa is still sitting at home not feeling himself.”

The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t been particularly open about Hossa’s status, which isn’t surprising given that this is the playoffs, but we do know that he won’t be available for Game 5 on Saturday. Chicago needs to win that contest in order to extend their season.