Watch Holtby hold own in final moments of Game 4, prevent a potential controversy


Braden Holtby was stunning on Thursday right up until the very end. In fact, he was still going strong about 5.3 seconds after the game was supposed to end. I’ll go into more detail about that in a moment, but first, you can watch Holtby’s heroics below:This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

According to Bob McKenzie, the story is that the timekeeper was fighting for the referees’ attention, but because the building was so loud, that the officials apparently didn’t notice and dropped the puck. The result was that the Timekeeper didn’t immediately start the clock.

Holtby made a great save as the game ended, but McKenzie said that goal wouldn’t have counted anyways. Still, Holtby spared the NHL a potential headache with his efforts. It’s also worth noting that he probably didn’t know there was a problem with the clock, so that was still a high pressure save on his part.