Playoff goat? Dennis Wideman struggles


Dennis Wideman recorded 46 points in regular season, but things haven’t exactly gone well for him in the first round. Wideman has been on the ice for five of the Boston Bruins’ seven postseason goals.

Maybe that’s part of the reason why he was limited to just 4:28 minutes of playing time in the first period of Thursday’s game.

Wideman is wrapping up a four-year/$15,750,000 deal and given that he only turned 29 on March 20, he should be in line for a very lucrative long-term contract. A bad playoff run might hurt him, but we’ve seen GMs overlook worse than that in the rush to land big name talent. However, what a poor showing over the Capitals playoff run is more likely to do is close the door to a potential contract extension.

Already it seems unlikely that he’ll stay in Washington, given how much his role has decreased since the playoff started.