Wayne Gretzky’s dad has an impressive cache of Maple Leafs jokes


Recently, Joe O’Connor of the National Post spoke with Walter Gretzky — father of Wayne, Order of Canada recipient, often regarded as the most famous hockey dad of all time.

Now 73, Walter (or Walter…or Wally…or Doughhead, as he requested O’Connor to call him) has done enough and seen enough to build up an impressive library of stories, tales and anecdotes.

And one-liners about the Toronto Maple Leafs, apparently.

From the Post:

O’Connor: Do you watch much hockey?

Gretzky: I go to the Air Canada Centre and watch the Leafs play. Isn’t that something, that rink is filled all the time?

Do you know the difference between the Leafs and the Titanic? Nothing. They both go down as soon as they hit the ice.

You know how you can tell it’s springtime in Toronto [laughing]? All the Leafs are out.

You know the difference between the Leafs and my lawnmower? Nothing. They both spend the winter in the basement.

I bet Walter Gretzky would be a sweet drinking buddy.