Toews doesn’t expect Hossa back soon, Bettman says Torres hit will be reviewed


Jonathan Toews is generally described as a great player, a fantastic Chicago Blackhawks captain and something of a cliche machine. Yet when it comes to the Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa, he had a few very frank and interesting things to say.

Perhaps most importantly, Toews gave Adam Jahns an honest but far-from-shocking update on Hossa.

“We don’t expect him back anytime soon,” Toews said. “That was a scary thing to go through.”

When asked for his take on the Torres hit and how the NHL will address the situation, Toews exhibited a serious sense of exhaustion. It seemed like he fell somewhere between Joel Quenneville’s fury and Patrick Kane’s diplomacy. Jahns provided some interesting quotes here, too.

Toews on a possible suspension for Torres: “I don’t [know] what to expect anymore. I don’t think anyone does.”

(That’s kind of a sick burn for Brendan Shanahan, huh?) NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was on hand for the game tonight. He didn’t go into much detail, but Chris Kuc reports that Bettman said that the league will review the play.

As far as how Torres will conduct his business in the future, Toews probably captured the haggard thoughts of many hockey fans again:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to do something like that again,” Toews said.

We’ll find out soon enough if Torres will get a chance to do it again in Game 4.