Fleury: “It felt good not to give up 26 goals in one period”


Perhaps allowing 20 goals in 10 periods messed with Marc-Andre Fleury’s head. Yet after “shutting out” the Philadelphia Flyers for the remaining two periods and getting a much-needed 10-3 win for the Pittsburgh Penguins, it seems that “MAF” still has a sense of whimsy. Dave Molinari got this gem from Fleury after what might have been a confidence-boosting conclusion.

“It felt good to not give up 26 goals in one period,” Fleury said.

Now that would be a record.

In all seriousness, though, “The Flower” can be streaky at times. You may remember that people were briefly calling for his head early in the 2010-11 season when he was struggling mightily, only to roll out the plaudits when he helped Pittsburgh power its way to a playoff bid despite losing Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

With all that in mind, do you think Fleury could turn things around? Is it something that the Flyers should be concerned about?