Watch Don Cherry throw his support behind Sidney Crosby fighting back


We mentioned this briefly in our Morning Skate, but Don Cherry went out of his way during Coach’s Corner to throw his support behind Sidney Crosby. It’s not shocking Grapes would have an affinity for the guy responsible for winning Canada the gold medal in 2010, but he’s been critical of Crosby’s game in the past, wishing he’d stay out of the nonsense stuff.

Crosby’s actions during Game 3 against the Flyers, however, tickled his fancy.

“(Crosby) could’ve bailed in that game,” said Cherry. “(Pittsburgh was down) 7-4, they weren’t going anywhere.

“He even double shifted to get out there and I gotta tell you something, I admire him more for doing that than anything.”

Check out video of the full ramble, courtesy CBC.