Bieksa: Canucks have Kings “right where we want them”


For a team down 3-0, the Vancouver Canucks are remarkably positive.*  Henrik Sedin shared his belief that the Canucks are wearing the Los Angeles Kings’ defense down while Kevin Bieksa just Tweeted this amusing bit of optimism.

“Good re-group today for the boys! Lots of team bonding … Got these guys right where we want them!!”

Maybe it just takes a special kind of optimism to be a member of this Presidents’ Trophy-winning Canucks team after that grueling 2011 Stanley Cup finals loss. Perhaps Vancouver merely remembers the Chicago Blackhawks’ near-comeback in last year’s first round quite vividly.

Either way, the Canucks are in a rare “Nothing to lose” situation, which might just make them dangerous (or charmingly delusional, you be the judge).

* – Then again, they might just have a healthy sense of whimsy.