James Neal really ticked off Philly with his hit on Sean Couturier


If you thought all the rough stuff between Philly and Pittsburgh in Game 3 died down after the first period boy were you wrong.

Penguins forward James Neal caught the ire of the Flyers by not just scoring two goals against them but also for delivering some questionable hits. The one hit that really got Philly steamed up all over again was his shot on rookie Sean Couturier.

Neal blasted Couturier with an almost blindside shot that dazed the Flyers youngster and sent him off the ice for a short while. Neal wasn’t penalized on the play and later caught Claude Giroux with a similarly destructive hit that wobbled Giroux late in the game. The Flyers got last laugh winning the game 8-4 and taking a 3-0 lead in the series.

As for his hit on Couturier, check it out here.

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