Couldn’t believe your eyes? Watch Penguins-Flyers Game 3 again here


Whether you’re a casual hockey fan or live and die with every bounce of the puck, the Philadelphia Flyers’ 8-4 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins was pretty mind-blowing. There were 12 goals, 148 penalty minutes and generally an incredible series of events. Seeing it in the moment was probably more overwhelming than the opening minutes of “Enter the Void,” so if you want to watch the whole game again, click on the link below:

Penguins-Flyers Game 3

Now don’t mind me, I’m just going to stare off into the distance and ask existential questions about hockey for a little while.

Re-live Game 3 through PHT

Discuss the Flyers’ 8-4 win.

Rare star fight: Sidney Crosby vs. Claude Giroux. Speaking of which, what got into Sid the Kid in the first place? Oh, by the way, Peter Laviolette loved it.

Hulkamania runs wild in favor of the Flyers? Et tu Hulk?

James Neal: not a popular man in Philly. (Kimmo Timonen doesn’t think his tactics are working, by the way.)

Dan Bylsma boldly backs Marc-Andre Fleury.