Arron Asham will be in big trouble for his cross check on Brayden Schenn


Part of the ugliness that unfolded during the first period of today’s Game 3 between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia involved former Flyer and current Penguins tough guy Arron Asham.

Asham didn’t much care to see Flyers rookie forward Brayden Schenn deliver a big hit along the boards and took matters into his own hands. With his stick. Asham caught Schenn with a cross check to the throat and then delivered a punch to the back of Schenn’s head while he was laid out on the ice.

Asham received a match penalty along with a five-minute major and a game misconduct for his heinous actions while Schenn was assessed a dubious minor for charging. Expect Brendan Shanahan to weigh in in a big way on Asham for his uncalled for hit on Schenn. Schenn, meanwhile, remained in the game. Take a look at how things unfolded for yourself.

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