Will the Capitals need Neuvirth or Vokoun?


Washington goaltenders Tomas Vokoun and Michal Neuvirth are steadily recovering from their respective injuries, but with the way Braden Holtby is playing, the Capitals might not need them.

The Boston Bruins had to go to overtime to beat Holtby in Game 1, and then on Saturday, Holtby led the Washington Capitals to a 2-1 victory in double overtime. He gave a pretty good interview after the contest, which you can check out below:

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Holtby might be the team’s third string goaltender, but he certainly isn’t what you’d expect from one. He’s a top-tier prospect who probably would have battled with Neuvirth for the starting job all season if the Capitals didn’t sign Vokoun. Holtby is someone who has three shutouts in just 18 career NHL regular season starts.

Which leads to a question, if you had to pick just one goaltender for the Capitals to ride out for the rest of the series, who do you think would be their best bet? As good as Holtby has been, do you think he’s better than a healthy Neuvirth or Vokoun in the playoffs?