Canucks coach being mysterious over Game 3 starter


Know who Vancouver’s starting goaltender will be in Game 3 on Sunday? Can you tell Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider, because Canucks coach Alain Vigneault hasn’t informed even them yet. It’s not because Vigneault still isn’t sure, at least not according to Elliotte Friedman.

Vigneault knows who will play between the pipes on Sunday. He’s just not telling us or even his goaltenders yet.

Roberto Luongo hasn’t been horrible, but the Canucks haven’t been winning either and that’s led some people to call for a change. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that there were some people who would have named Schneider as their starting goaltender for Game 1.

Before this series began, we asked if Luongo would be on a short leash. In addition, we wondered what would happen if the Canucks lost two playoff games in a row. Well, we’re about to get an answer. Just not yet, because Vigneault wants to keep it a secret for a little bit longer.