Poll: Leafs – not Canucks – are the most hated Canadian team


According to a recent Angus Reid poll that surveyed Canadians, the Vancouver Canucks are not the most hated NHL team in Canada. The Toronto Maple Leafs are with 33% of self-described hockey fans saying that they hate the Leafs more than any other Canadian NHL franchise.

Which is the most beloved NHL franchise in Canada? That would be the Montreal Canadiens.

Undeterred by their losing season, nearly a quarter of hockey fans named the Montreal Canadiens as their favorite Canadian NHL franchise. If you include all people surveyed, that number drops to 19%.

That’s not too surprising. Fans might get angry with their favorite squad when they’re struggling and make their feelings known, but it’s less common for people to throw their hands up in the air and start rooting for a different team.

What’s interesting is that the Toronto Maple Leafs captured the hearts of 20% of hockey fans to come in second place. Yes, Toronto is both the second most loved franchise and the most hated. So the one thing you can say about the Leafs is, based on that poll, they bring out strong emotions in most Canadian hockey fans.