Mayors have cheesecakes, BeaverTails riding on Sens-NYR series

The Ottawa Senators-New York Rangers series has attracted some wagers from high profile politicians. As previously reported, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird have a placed a friendly bet on the first-round matchup.

The respective city’s Mayors, New York’s Michael Bloomberg and Ottawa’s Jim Watson have also entered the fray and now have food riding on this series. Yes, food.

Bloomberg will have to provide blueberry cheesecakes from the Pastry Shop in Brooklyn if the Senators manage to win. Meanwhile, if the Rangers live up to expectations, Watson will have to send something from BeaverTails, a chain of pastry stands, to Bloomberg.

“It promotes some of our local delicacies, in our case BeaverTails and in his case blueberry cheese cake,” Watson said. “The great thing about the playoffs is it just lifts the entire community up. People are running around downtown with their jerseys on and you have the flags flying for the Senators at City Hall.”

Watson certainly took the more risky end of that wager, but then again, one should never count their BeaverTails before they, uh, finish their dam?

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