Lupul got booed at a Blue Jays game last night


As if booing the Leafs at the Air Canada Centre didn’t satisfy angry Toronto sports fans, now the Leafs are getting booed at baseball games.

Joffrey Lupul attended yesterday’s Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre, and when his face was shown on the scoreboard, the boos followed.

From the Toronto Star:

You wouldn’t call these lusty boos. More like smitten boos, or perfunctory boos.

But they were boos, and they were widespread.

To his credit, Lupul had some fun with what had to be an embarrassing moment, tweeting, “Just gonna watch The Jay’s games on TV from here on in. Tough crowd! Felt like I was back in Ottawa. #BOOOOPUL”

We’d recommend the Leafs don’t attend any Argonauts games this summer either, but nobody attends Argonauts games.