Columnist: Shanahan “choked” with Weber ruling


Well, it didn’t take long for Brendan Shanahan to feel the wrath of Steve Rosenbloom, the Chicago Tribune’s renowned outrage enthusiast.

In response to the NHL’s decision to fine, not suspend Shea Weber, after the Predators defenseman punched and shoved Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the boards, Rosenbloom wrote the following:

Weber’s act was exactly the kind of hit that the league has punished significantly this year and last. The league zealously protected its players’ heads, and it was lauded for such vigilance.

Duncan Keith just got five games for a WWE-like flying elbow on Daniel Sedin. Weber’s actions were as blatant as Keith’s, intended to do as much damage, and every bit motivated by revenge, which makes it exponentially indefensible.

This, then, figured to be bad for Weber and the Predators. This, then figured to be major.

But Brendan Shanahan choked.

If there’s no suspension for something as blatant and contrary to league dictates as Weber’s act, then there can be no suspension for anyone the rest of the playoffs.

Given the reaction from numerous members of the media on Twitter, we can probably expect a few more columns like this one.

Though maybe with a little less hyperbole.