Watch Blue Jackets fans have their dreams crushed during draft lottery party


Take in this video from a Columbus Blue Jackets draft lottery party which was meant to be a celebration of reaping the benefits of being the worst team in the league and a preemptive welcoming party for likely top pick Nail Yakupov.

Of course, those dreams were all dashed when NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly announced the Edmonton Oilers as the winners of the lottery and the first pick overall. The aftermath, as you might expect, was filled with sadness and frustration in Columbus including cries of “Fixed!” and “I hate the Oilers.”

We might as well call Columbus “Mudville” at this rate as there’s no joy there and the (not-so) mighty Scott Howson has struck out on landing the top pick in the draft.

It’s like you can feel each of those fans getting kicked right in the groin after the announcement. Sports are a jerk sometimes.