Report: Glendale, Jamison group will work together to keep Coyotes in town


Hey, remember like four hours ago when we said there were three ownership groups interested in purchasing the Coyotes? Well, according to the Phoenix Business Journal, the City of Glendale has decided to move forward with one of them – former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison’s.

Over the next few weeks, the two sides will reportedly try to negotiate an arena lease at city-owned Arena – a lease that will be structured in a way to avoid legal challenges by the Goldwater Institute.

The Business Journal also writes that the NHL, which owns the Coyotes, “is poised to finalize a Jamison deal as soon as an arena lease with Glendale is approved.”

In other words, if Glendale and Jamison can bang out a lease that satisfies everyone, this whole thing could be behind us.

And it’ll be just that easy.