Thomas shuts down media session after White House question


Tim Thomas had to know it was coming when Boston drew Washington in the first round. And today it did.

According to’s Joe Haggerty, Thomas was asked if questions about his infamous White House snub might kick up with the Bruins playing the Capitals.

In response, Thomas shut down the media session.

It should be noted, however, that Thomas was smiling when he shut it down. And hey, that’s his right. Just the same as it’s the media’s right to ask him about the White House story.

Actually, when you think about it, Thomas is playing it pretty smart. Reporters will eventually need him to talk about the games, so they can’t have him walking away all the time. That’ll get old.

If the media were smart, it would get together and agree that the White House thing will always be the last question of the session. Maybe it could become a fun tradition. When everyone’s asked their hockey-related questions, “So Tim, about the White House….alright have a good one!”