Brouwer: Caps need to play desperate…but can’t make mistakes


Troy Brouwer knows the Washington Capitals have to come flying out of the gate tonight versus Florida.

But he also knows they can’t fly out of the gate with their heads cut off.

“We need to play desperate, but at the same time we can’t make mistakes,” Brouwer said, as per the Washington Post.

“We better come out, we better have a lot of intensity, lot of desire; play very desperate and try to get an early lead and make sure that we’re taking care of the pucks as well. We can’t have turnovers; we can’t do too much and be too risky too early.”

To recap: Lots of intensity. But not so much intensity that it leads to mistakes. And push hard to get the first goal. Just don’t push too hard or mistakes will be made.

So…ever get the feeling the Caps have like zero confidence in themselves? Seriously, Brouwer sounds like a nervous guy before a first date.

OK, gotta be confident. Girls like confidence. But don’t be cocky. Girls don’t like cocky. Is this shirt too flashy? I don’t want to come across like a douchebag. Maybe I should wear something more conservative. But would I look too boring then? I think I’ll cancel.

And you wonder why Brooks Laich went on the radio and essentially guaranteed the Caps will make the playoffs. That’s what leaders do – they try to instill confidence in those around them.

But not too much confidence. That’s when mistakes happen.