Forget rebuilding, Cammalleri wants “reload” for Flames

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The Calgary Flames are guaranteed to miss the playoffs for the third straight time. They’re one of the oldest teams in the NHL. They have one of the highest payrolls. The whole situation screams rebuild.

But not to Flames forward Mike Cammalleri.

“Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild — that’s the word you hear,” said Cammalleri, as per the Calgary Herald. “This whole rebuild thing? It used to be that you’d rebuild for how many years? Five years or whatever it was. So what are you calling it now? Rebuild? Restructure?”

Whatever they’re going to call it, the Flames need to re-something with their roster, because the current one’s not cutting it.

Granted, that’s easier said than done. As the Herald points out, Calgary has 15 players under contract for next season. On top of that, most of those players have some sort of no-trade clause. (And in the case of Matt Stajan, the other 29 teams in the league have a no-trade-him-to-us clause.)

“Really, it’s a reload, a restructure,” said Cammalleri. “That’s kind of what you do nowadays. I think that’s how most teams are doing it, anyways.”

(For example, the Leafs.)