Video: Reporter can’t mask disdain for Leafs

Just about every reporter has an awkward moment or 500 with players, particularly when a team is performing poorly. Considering how poorly things have been going for the Maple Leafs – and how many reporters there are in Toronto – it only makes sense that there could be some moments of tension.

Even so, this video by CTV’s Lance Brown is positively brimming with awkwardness, with perhaps the biggest moment of discomfort coming between Brown and Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf:

As Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney points out, the unintentional humor borders on something you’d see as a “bit” on a late night comedy show. The players and even coach Randy Carlyle receive questions that are pretty difficult to answer with a straight face, such as asking Carlyle “Did you know it would be this bad when you took the job?”

Anyway, feel free to discuss your favorite chuckle-worthy moments in the comments.

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