Sens prospect is solving the world’s problems one peanut butter jar at a time


First off, you can save your “slow news day?” comments – this is important.

Via the Toronto Star:

It’s a frustration peanut butter lovers know all too well: getting to the butter at the bottom of the jar.

Sometimes, it means awkwardly shoving your hand in, leaving it covered in brown paste. Others throw out the container before the last remnants are scooped up.

But Ottawa Senators prospect Darren Kramer has a solution.

The captain of the Western Hockey League’s Spokane Chiefs and sixth-round pick in the 2011 NHL draft is hoping his idea for a simple yet innovative double-twist jar takes off.

In Kramer’s patent-pending design, the top half of the jar twists off for easy access to the remaining peanut butter. The lid screws on the bottom half, if needed.

Kramer explains his design here:

Suffice to say this needs to happen. Maybe not for the small- to medium-sized peanut butter jars, but definitely for the big ones. I specifically avoid buying the big jars for this reason, even though they’re a better deal and I’m super cheap.

Hopefully Kramer can come up with other inventions, too. Like maybe a time machine or some sort of device that makes it possible to have a conversation with pets.