Fight video: David Booth pummels Mark Olver


So far, the Vancouver Canucks are frustrating the Colorado Avalanche as Cory Schneider maintains a 1-0 lead despite a 27-13 shot disparity. Obviously, this game has significant Western Conference implications, but it might ultimately be remembered most for Canucks scorer David Booth serving up some knuckle sandwiches to Mark Olver:

(Stupid note: if you jumble up the letters in his last name, Olver spells “lover.” One might point out that’s further proof why he’s not a “fighter,” so to speak.)

After taking some time to get used to Vancouver and get over some injuries, Booth has found a solid niche with 15 goals and 28 points in 50 games (and change) as a Canucks forward. That being said, he carried a five-game scoreless streak into Wednesday, so perhaps this fight will do more than make him a minor Internet celebrity tonight.

(H/T to Puck Daddy.)