Boudreau on Sunday’s meltdown: “I almost ran on the ice without thinking”


Maybe Bruce Boudreau is a big fan of Ice Cube.

It was Cube, after all, that once said you better check yo self before you wreck yo self.

And check yo self is exactly what the Anaheim Ducks coach did on Sunday following a controversial disallowed goal in a 3-2 loss to the Bruins.

In case you haven’t seen the blowup yet:

A pretty good performance — but had Boudreau not chickity-checked, it could’ve been even better.

“I almost ran on the ice without thinking,” Boudreau told the OC Register on Tuesday. “Well, I mean, it was a pretty important goal.”

Boudreau then told the Register he tried to grab a water bottle (the reporter, Jeff Miller, assumed it was for throwing purposes) but — in what has to be one of the most fortunate jammings of all time — Boudreau couldn’t dislodge the bottle from its holder.

That said, it wouldn’t have been the first time he’s chucked one at an official.

“Yeah, I’ve thrown the water bottles in the American League and looked for sticks [to throw],” Boudreau said. “But, I mean, I can’t picture myself doing that here.”

Boudreau didn’t seem particularly fazed by the incident and wasn’t suggesting a change in approach or attitude was in the works. If anything, he seemed to think this was the norm.

“Every now and again I lose it, as most coaches would, I think,” he said. “You only lose it for a second, though, and then it’s like OK, you’re back.”

Never change, Bruce. Never change.