Poll: Leafs fans are pessimistic about the future


Only 23 percent of Torontonians think the Maple Leafs are on the right track under the guidance of general manager Brian Burke, according to a new poll.

Respondents were reached by telephone from March 17-18, at which point Toronto sat 12th in the Eastern Conference. So given the Leafs were in seventh place around two months before then, it might’ve been an unfair time to take the temperature of the fans. (We actually wonder if “slammed down the phone after asking if this was some sort of sick joke” went in the “on the wrong track” category, or if a definitive answer was required.)

At any rate, the results fly in the face of what Burke and company have been saying (selling?) – that the Leafs are a young club, these things take time, the fans need to be patient, please stop chanting for people to be fired, etc.

Toronto has six games left, including four at the ACC where the home team hasn’t won since Feb. 6.