Duncan Keith seeks Hulk Hogan-like inspiration to deal with suspension


Now that Duncan Keith has a few games off for himself to think about the nasty elbow he threw at Daniel Sedin, the focus for him now is to make sure he stays focused on the game when he comes back.

We’ve heard from his teammates about what they think of his suspension, but Keith talked with CSNChicago.com’s Tracey Myers about how he’s going to stay loose while he’s suspended and he’s sounding an awful lot like Hulk Hogan when describing what his routine will be.

“I want to keep sharp, want to keep in game shape. I’ll do that,” he said. “(I’ll try to) get as much rest, eat properly, get lots of sleep and be working out with Paul (Goodman) and hopefully I can try to use it as my advantage, somehow.”

“Well you know Mean Gene, as long as I take my vitamins, say my prayers, and sharpen these gnarly elbows, Duncamania is gonna run wild on you!

In all seriousness now, we’re sure the Canucks could care less about what Keith decides to do with his time off. Meanwhile, Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews told Myers he thinks his teammate may have gone “a little overboard” with his hit on Sedin. Political correctness like that is why he’s the leader everyone.