Blackhawks react to Duncan Keith’s suspension


For some, Duncan Keith’s five-game suspension seems like the least the NHL could do about a flagrant elbow on Daniel Sedin. That being said, the decision delivers a harsh blow to his Chicago Blackhawks teammates, who are grappling with the fact that their best defenseman won’t be available until April 5.

Patrick Sharp discussed the fallout with’s Tracey Myers:

“It’s unfortunate that Daniel got hurt. I don’t think that was Duncan’s intention,” Patrick Sharp said earlier Friday. “It’s something we’re going to have to rally behind. You never want to see guys go down, especially like that. You hate to see a guy go out like that. You never want to see guys get hurt.”

Coach Joel Quenneville hopes that the Blackhawks learn a lesson from this harsh (yet some might say lenient) punishment, preaching that the team needs to keep their cool – even against the hated Vancouver Canucks.

“Every game we’ve seen, whether it’s a playoff game or regular-season game, you have to control your emotions and make sure you think,” Quenneville said. “There are certain switches that are just reactionary and in the moment of the game. That’s something we’ll always focus on moving forward. Whether it’s Vancouver or anybody, we need to be smart.”

Something tells me if you shot Keith up with some of the “Kill Bill” truth serum, even he would admit that the elbow wasn’t smart.

On the bright side for Keith and Chicago, he’ll have two regular season games to “wise up” before the playoffs begin.

Here’s video of the reactions, if you’re not much for reading quotes and such: