Jamie Benn: “I had an X on my back [Tuesday].”

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Jamie Benn absorbed some significant hits during the Dallas Stars game against Phoenix on Tuesday, including an elbow to the head from Shane Doan. Benn was initially dazed as a result of the hit, but he still expects to play on Thursday. Doan was handed a three-game suspension for his actions.

“Everyone is looking to get into the playoffs, and they’re keying on guys to shut down,” Benn said. “I had an X on my back [Tuesday]. I’ll take that if they’ll leave our top line alone.”

This is the third straight season that Benn has scored over 20 goals and he’s also set a new career-high with 57 points in 62 games. The fact that the Stars have enough depth, even after losing Brad Richards last summer, to use Benn on the second line, is part of the reason they are in the fight for a playoff spot and the Pacific Division title.