Bettman: We’re ready to negotiate when the union is ready


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is ready to talk CBA when the NHLPA is ready, he told the Associated Press Thursday.

“That’s something that we’re relying on the union for right now,” Bettman said. “We’ve been ready to go for months but there’s a new executive director and he’s getting up to speed, meeting with his constituents and when the union’s ready, then we’ll start.”

It’s been reported that negotiations might not get underway until June after the Stanley Cup finals (the CBA expires Sept. 15), though that hasn’t been confirmed by either side.

In addition to new NHLPA chief Donald Fehr needing time to familiarize himself with all the issues, he’s also said he’d like the players present when the serious negotiating is being done. (And obviously that’s not possible when games are still being played.)

Bettman spoke to the AP from Las Vegas where he’s meeting with team presidents to discuss things like marketing initiatives, TV contracts, and whether to hit when the dealer’s showing a 2 and you’ve got 12.

PS – You hit.