Watch Martin Havlat tell Kings fans that they’re No. 1


The heat of battle does funny things to people and scoring a goal can unleash great celebrations. Scoring a goal on the road can make you do even feistier things. Case in point, San Jose’s Martin Havlat.

Havlat’s first period goal on Los Angeles’ Jonathan Quick was a beauty that helped tie the game at 1-1. With the game being in L.A. and the fans always being hostile, Havlat certainly appeared to tell Kings fans just who he thought was No. 1 on the evening. The Kings went on to win 5-2 and move into eighth place in the Western Conference.

L.A. Kings Insider’s Rich Hammond provides the evidence and the video sure seems to show Havlat unleashing the bird.

You don’t suppose this might get the NHL’s attention now, do you?