The Avs are cool with Peyton Manning signing in Denver

It’s about time we got on the Peyton Manning bandwagon here at PHT. Lord knows how many clicks we’ve been sacrificing by not mentioning his name. So with that in mind, we’d like to report the Colorado Avalanche are just fine with the Broncos’ new quarterback hogging all the headlines in Denver.

“It was a pretty good run by [Tim] Tebow and the city was going crazy with all those last-minute plays, all those last-minute wins,” said Ryan Wilson, as per the Calgary Herald (the Flames were in town last night). “Now they’re getting a proven quarterback in here with Peyton. It’s kind of weird how things turn around like that. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be a different game — there’s going to be points scored in the first half, not just the last two minutes.”

Added Cody McLeod: “It could be a positive, too. Instead of always opening the paper and hearing how bad you’re doing — it can get tough like that — so, no, I don’t mind it.”

Of course, the Avs aren’t doing “bad”; they beat the Flames, 2-1, in overtime – their seventh win in nine games – and moved into 7th in the Western Conference.

Thursday they’re in Phoenix for a huge game against the Coyotes, who sit just one point behind them in the standings.

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