Devin Setoguchi’s season was nearly ruined after being hit by a car


It hasn’t been a highlight season for Minnesota’s Devin Setoguchi, as he’s made news for all the wrong reasons: Scolded forpartying with friends, his epic shootout failure and having pucks banked off him into his own net.

But considering what happened to him this past summer, Setoguchi might deserve a pass.

Mike Russo of the Minnesota Star-Tribune reports that Setoguchi’s struggles are partly due to getting hit by a car three weeks after he was traded to the Wild.

Oh yeah, the car hit him while he was in his chiropractor’s office.

Standing in front of that door, Setoguchi heard the flowerpot get obliterated. He turned and caught a glimpse of a car heading his way.

He couldn’t go left because of the office’s counter, so he turned right just as the car smashed through the window and sprayed glass and dirt from the flowerpot everywhere.

“I ran and jumped, and as I jumped, the front of the car hit me in the back and I got shot 10 feet down the hallway,” Setoguchi said.

Setoguchi slowly picked himself up off the hardwood floor. In pain and bleeding, Setoguchi drove himself to the emergency room. He still has scars from cuts all over his back. He needed stitches to close cuts to his hand.

The injuries sustained forced Setoguchi to stop his offseason training for about three weeks and, as he puts it, “pretty much my entire July was ruined. I could do nothing.”

You know what, Devin? Just take it easy the rest of the year and come back and get ’em next season. You’ve done enough already.

Update: Russo shows off a photo of how the scene looked in another post today. Setoguchi couldn’t be more fortunate.