More Devils-Rangers: Janssen calls out Dubinsky, clearly loves fighting (video)


Following last night’s New York vs. New Jersey line brawl, Devils tough guy Cam Janssen shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects. Have a look…

(h/t to The Score)

A few thoughts:

— At the beginning of the interview, Janssen’s referring to Rangers defenseman Stu Bickel taking the opening faceoff and fighting New Jersey’s Ryan Carter (aka “Carts”.) Janssen figured that Bickel, who hasn’t taken a faceoff this year, was filling in for Rangers center Brandon Dubinsky, who fought Carter back on Mar. 6:

As you can see, that scrap didn’t go especially well for Dubi — he was actually knocked out of action with a “sinus problem.”

— “Him and Carts kicked the hell out of each other. It was great. Carts loves it, he’s got a nice gash over his forehead, it looks awesome,” Janssen said, before cutting the sleeves off his Gold’s Gym t-shirt and blaring the new Puddle of Mudd CD.

–Highly underrated moment? When Janssen says, “If you were there, you would’ve felt the energy.” Uh, Cam, the reporter is standing next to you for postgame interviews. He’s been there the whole time. Not like he just flew in from Des Moines.

In closing,  here’s hoping the Rangers and Devils meet in the playoffs.